The True Cost of Doing Your Own Tax Returns

Doing your own tax return can save you the preparation fee of a few hundred dollars for an individual tax return. However, if you do them incorrectly, you could cost yourself thousands of dollars.

If you file an incorrect tax return, you can be in for some major trouble and expense, you can pay more taxes than you should have, which we can all agree is bad. If you pay less than you’re supposed to, and the IRS figures it out, you will not only have to pay the remaining tax you owe, you could also be subject to interest and penalties for underpaying your taxes. The IRS doesn’t take kindly to being underpaid and they have a serious deficiency in the sense of humor department.

At Wrobel Accounting, we don’t just ensure your tax returns are accurate, we also find ways to save you money. There is a reason we all had to get a college degree to do what we do. We know the tax laws and ways to utilize them to your advantage so that you can save more money than you could on your own. If saving more money sounds like a good idea to you, call our office at (813) 514-8273 to schedule a consultation to determine if we are a good match for you and/or your business and let us make your life less taxing!

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