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Standard Deduction and Personal Exemption Changes

Standard Deduction and Personal Exemptions Changes Standard Deduction Taxpayers may reduce their adjusted gross income (AGI) by the standard deduction (or sum of itemized deductions) to determine their taxable income. Under the previous law (for 2017 earnings, which you filed in 2018,) the standard deduction rates were: $13,000 for married individuals filing jointly and surviving […]

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2018 Back-to-School Sales Tax Holiday

Back to School Tax Holiday It’s almost that time again; the dreaded back-to-school shopping time. Good news! We have something that might make back-to-school shopping more bearable. Florida has a back-to-school tax holiday from August 3rd to August 5th – sales tax will not apply for the following items. For more information and terms, please […]

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The New Tax Bill: When it Comes into Effect

With all the new tax changes coming, you might be wondering when they will come into effect. The new tax bill came into effect on January 1st, 2018. Therefore, any income you earn starting on January 1st, 2018 will be under the new bill and taxed at the new rates. The changes, however, do not […]

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